26 March 2014

Dropping Federal Dollars

The Waterford School District voted to opt out of the federal lunch program next school year.  Apparently (and I don't get how) they still have to provide lunches for every person who proves they meet the federal guidelines for free lunches, however.

Why can't they just close the school cafeteria altogether?  They do in our school district over the summer, so it must be legal.  Let everyone bring their own stupid lunch from home or just go without.  Plan ahead. 

Better still, close the cafeteria and let all the kids trade Hot Cheetos on the black market, bring sodas in to drink, and nibble their Pop-Tarts into all sorts of threatening and obscene shapes.  We used to eat Pop-Rocks, bags of sugar/Kool-Aid mix, and whole boxes of cookies.  Almost all of us were very thin by today's standards, too, because 1. we didn't eat that stuff every day, and 2. we had a lot of time for recess and games and wandering about in the fields by the school.

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