10 March 2014

Homeschool Curriculum: LIFEPAC Science

Elf has great memories of using these when he was little. 

We've just begun Alpha Omega LIFEPACs for science.  What I like about them is that they're little, portable workbooks.  The experiments in the early elementary years are usually pretty easy to do. 

There are ten workbooks for each grade level.  There's no reason you couldn't get the set done in a school year, but we're doing ours a little more slowly and taking time to grow plants and take field trips.  I've found that little people need to have more time for play and art and fun things than children do in older grades.  That's why we're starting our second grade set now; I'm figuring it will take us well over a year to get this done.

And since this is my second and last set of homeschoolers,  we can write in the workbooks!  We went through so many odd machinations to keep the notebooks like new before.  It's going to be soo much easier just to write in the books this time around.  I think the children will enjoy being allowed to keep some of them in their own private collections when they are completed.

LIFEPACs are written from a Christian perspective, and our first booklet discusses which day all the various animals and plants were made, as well as the characteristics of living and non-living things.
Woodjie's book cover and Rose's handiwork.


  1. That does make it easier having the kids be able to finally write in the notebooks. That was a good idea to skip writing in them with the first two. :)

  2. How lovely of Elf to help his little brother. He looks so different with his hair on is forehead.


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