12 March 2014

My Bathroom Selfie

So would you recognize me?  I had to edit out the camera and somehow?  Between that and the flash, I only have one eyeball.  Ok, good enough.  Those whippersnapper teens must spend HOURS on some of their self-portraits if this is the best I could accomplish in 20 minutes.


  1. Just one eyeball?
    Is that because the other one is constantly on the kids?
    (I've got my eye on you....)
    ha ha

  2. Why edit out the camera? The big bathroom FB selfies always have a camera. And usually are in a public bathroom with stall doors visible behind them. OR the good home selfies are done in a bedroom with an unmade bed and laundry strewn about. Bring back the camera! Let us see two eyes!!! :)

  3. I take selfies only with the computer, I can delete them very quickly so nobody sees them I alway look odd maybe I'm just odd looking, I think yours is pretty good.

  4. You look lovely, one eye an all!


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