19 March 2014

Riding @ Pendragon Farms!

We brushed the ponies nicely and got them ready to ride.

This was our first visit to Pendragon Farms.

Rose and Woodjie's first riding lesson!

Elf was able to ride unassisted and guide his pony around obstacles.

Max worked hard!  We're rewarding him with a bowl of treats. 


  1. I remember Ben's horse's hame, "Cricket". Cricket helped work a little miracle for Ben. All of Ben's language was echolalic. He had never used the pronoun "I". He had never directly answered a question, just a normal everyday question. He was 4 years old.

    After a lesson, I asked..."What do you want to do now, Ben?", not expecting an answer.
    "I want to go to a movie..." he said. I about died and of course we did (George of the Jungle). Then the next whole week was "I want a cookie...I want to go to the park...I want to watch a video". By the end of the week we had to haul him back in and try to shut down the "I want" talk a little.

    When your kids have language difficulties, it's the little stuff that counts. I never dreamed he would be the talker he is today.


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