07 April 2014

All About Rose.

"Did I choose this family when I was a baby?" she wanted to know recently.  "I'm not sure I picked the best one.  Will I get another chance?"  Sorry, kid.

Here's her new hairdo from the side.  I bought her some frumperware at the homeschool convention!  This is a Flexi-8.  Apparently lots of people who homeschool sell them and collect them.  Which.  Is odd.  But cute.  So why not... goes with her prairie skirt and all that.

This is the "mini" size.  Rose's hair is very fine and slips through my fingers.  Maybe it will take a while to figure out how to do more neatly.  She loves her little clip.  D keeps pretending that it is HIS Flexi-8 and asking for his hairclip back.  Rose is pretty outraged by this, as dad has pretty much no hair.  I mean, unless he grows his beard out or something.

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  1. That;s a super cute clip! Rose is getting so big!!


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