20 April 2014

Sew Your Own Barbie Clothes!

 If you want to make your own Barbie clothes, there's only one real thing you need to remember:  Barbies don't wear things out, and they can't be uncomfortable.  So you don't need to worry about durability, triple-stitching, or any of that business.  Want to see how easy it is?
 Here we go.  I made this little dress out of Rose's old fleece pants.  Fleece never frays, and that means I don't have to bother hemming anything!  Do you see I hemmed the dress above?  Then I wound up just hacking that with scissors because it was too long.  I didn't bother with sewing in elastic, either.  I turned Rose's old pants inside-out, and sewed in such a way that the elastic from her pants is the elastic of the new garment.  Why complicate things when they don't need to be?  Rose is six.  She will be thrilled when she finds these tomorrow morning on Easter.
 I held a Barbie up to the cloth and sort of traced a t-shirt pattern, left a space for the head, cut a V-shape and *zing!*  Then I wound up chopping off the sleeves because Barbie arms don't bend!  It still looks good once it's on the doll, I think. 
And this?  Is just a strip of cloth tied around Barbie's back.  It will do for a "shirt" with her little skirt.  Eventually I will make better clothes but I was tired of seeing the mega-bag of Barbies we just got for Rose going around nekkid.

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