24 May 2014

New School Program!

It isn't enough that everyone's starving on the new Mini-Munchkin (tm) sized meals they serve in the school cafeteria.  With horrid semi-rancid vegetables.  Now, teachers will have their BMIs recorded annually by the school nurse and appropriate notes sent home to their families under new federal guidelines pushed by Michelle Obama.

Can you believe it?

To save postage, however, these "you are fat" letters will not be mailed home.  They'll be placed in an envelope with a special sticker on the flap.  Oh.  And only overweight teachers will receive the notes.  In front of their peers.

Think teachers would stand for this new program if it were real?  I'm thinking... no.  Go take a look at the school photographs.  Aside from a few skinny-minnie teachers fresh out of college, teachers look... like normal overweight Americans.  Normal people.  Who would be humiliated if they got notes like this despite the fact that - guess what? - they already know they are fat.

So why are we doing this sort of thing to children who have no choice about going to school? 

Here's a story about one little girl and her family in New York.  I'd like to see the staff at that school measured and their results recorded in the school nurse's office every year until this stupid program is over.  News flash:  we all know who the fat kids are. Why humiliate these children?  This is just so cruel.

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  1. I thought at first the teachers were having their BMIs measured, but it's the kids? How rude!
    I see this as an invasion of privacy.


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