18 June 2014

Summer Snapshots!

Rose and Woodjie are taking swimming lessons at the local Community Center this summer.  I found a really cute swim shirt and skirt from Lands' End for Rose. 

Woodjie needs a little help paying attention to the lesson and not getting silly with other students, but he is getting more attentive in small groups now.

Still all wet, but headed to the park to walk around and look for frogs.  We don't see any this year!

The small children are learning to put their own laundry away.  Sometimes I will help with a few things, but most of the time they are sorting and putting away on their own.


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    1. I know! It's a huuuge deal! All I have to do is throw all their stuff into a pile and they sort it. Every now and then I will peek in and refold a couple things, but I am figuring that the wrinkles add character. :)

  2. Nice photos, they're both looking quite grown up now.
    Great to see kids learning to put away their own clothes.
    My younger daughter (37) has a friend at work who does absolutely everything for her kids because "they don't know how". The kids are in high school and uni!! She drives them because they don't know how to catch the bus.

    1. Well, if you're in a big and dangerous city, I could sort of see it. My parents, however, let me take the train into New York City with a friend when I was just 15! I don't know that they'd let me do that now. :)


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