01 August 2014

The Dior Fusion Sneaker!

What a value!  It looks like a seven-year-old overused the Bedazzler (tm) on a pair of slippers, and the people from Dior turned around and tried to sell it for $1100.  Pics here.  I dunno.  It doesn't LOOK like they're encrusted with real rubies or anything valuable that would command a price over, say, $5, but meh!  Someone's probably going to actually buy this stuff and wear it.


  1. Image number 5 is quite a pretty sneaker, but certainly not worth $1100 in my eyes.
    I would hope those decorations are glued on firmly enough to last the distance, not everyone would wear them only on a catwalk. I'd pay a bit more than $5, maybe $10 or $15, but never $1100, not for any shoes. That's six months groceries and books for me.

    1. Groceries AND books would have to be the cutoff, right? CRAZY how much money stupid rich people must have. :)


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