12 December 2014

Just in Time for That New Year's Weight Loss Resolution...

I've been working very hard for about a year and a half on losing weight and it is more than a little slow.  The math just doesn't seem to work out, and I'm not losing nearly what I ought because by the numbers?  I should have really been much thinner by now.  I have little energy.  You know.  Fat, lazy slob.  Not to be melodramatic, but I hate my life, or at least most of it. 

It's really bugged me for a while and I've tried to work at being a better person and all that.  Changing my attitude about things and so on.  It just doesn't happen.  I still feel all slovenly and I really don't care that I'm wearing sweatpants, thanks.  Even brushing my hair seems like too much work.  Like there is no point even trying to lose weight any more, everything is against me, "fat" is just part of who I am in a way I can't express.  I sort of live like a snail.

It just doesn't matter.

Recently I went to the doctor because Woodjie eloped again and I about died trying to catch him.  I'm just so out of shape.  So he ran a bunch of tests.  Apparently I have something called "hypothyroidism" and what it does?  Is turn you into a fat, lazy slob.

And there are pills for it!  And in a few months, when they knock up my meds a notch or two, I should start to feel better!  Yay!  I took my first low-level dose of Synthroid today.  I am happy to have a name for this and some hope that at the very least, it's not my personality.  *whew*

I told my dad about it and he's all, oh yeah, that's what my mom and Aunt Dot had.  Well, wonderful.  What else do you think I might die from that's hereditary?

And he sent me a list.

Thanks, Dad!  :)


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    1. Gotta be better luck than I had before, right? So I'll just try to be happy with that!

    2. Yes, just watch out for going too far in the hyper-thyroid direction. That's fun too. NOT.
      Hugs from finding-own-balance-/very-ready-for-new-year-land ;)

  2. Getting 25 mg. So on that dose, highly unlikely. I think they will up it after next visit in two months. At least I know it is not just a defect of character and "laziness."

  3. That sounds like my Dad - did he really send you a list? - I am glad you are getting this figured out - there is nothing like finding out you have a medical condition to explain that you really are NOT lazy. God Bless

    1. In his defense, I asked for one! But I wish I knew this sooner. Thanks for your kind comment, D Marcotte! :)

  4. I'm glad you found an answer! Ben has that, but for some reason his numbers came up and he doesn't have to take that anymore. He still gets checked for it every now and again.

    1. *whew* Usually that doesn't happen - sure glad it did for him. I think I should expect to be on this stuff or something similar forever.

  5. "fat lazy slob" Me too! Although I don't hate my life and most of the time I don't hate my fat enough to bother doing anything about it. A couple of years ago I posted about attempting to lose enough weight to fit into my favourite skirt again, but it didn't happen and last week I gave away the skirt :(
    I'm glad you went to the doctor though, now you know about the hypothyroidism and can take steps to get well. One of my daughters has it too and recently had her medication tweaked again.
    You're right about being on the medication for life though.

    1. Isn't it discouraging? I know that I will never be 20 and a size 5 again, but I'd at least like to look unremarkable! :)

  6. I just saw another post that touched on this topic as well: http://verymom.com/2014/12/15/symptoms-treatment-coping/

    And the Awkward Yeti did a comic on this recently too: https://www.facebook.com/AwkwardYeti/photos/a.323340867741595.74511.127722993970051/740863455989332/

    Hang in there!


  7. I'm so glad you have a REASON for feeling so ikk. I don't think I do... except for actually being a fat, lazy slob! lol
    I'm always trying though, so I suppose I can't beat myself up too much. I really hope your medications help.
    I wonder if my Dr's have ever thought I might have "hypothyroidism"? I'd love to think there was another reason why for me too!

  8. Christine

    Mal has stopped nicking off now he is older. Woodjie will too probably . Can you do a social story on why he must stay with you or else. Mal has got th eidea tha lying down like a beached whale no longer works because I am happy to keep going without him.
    Here we are practicing our handwriting and doing stories on the notes part of the ipad. I am also using the ASDreading program because it teaches comprehension




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