28 February 2015

LINC Girls' Chess Tournament 2015

Rose participated in the K-3 section of LINC's Girls' Chess Tournament today.  She came in fifth out of 45 girls.  Not bad for a first-grader!  She's holding her little trophy in the picture.  There were about 100 girls total at this event. 

If you're in the Kansas City area, and you're looking for free beginner tournaments for your scholastic player, you should check them out and like them on facebook.  They even provide lunch at their full-day tournaments.


  1. 5th! That's really good. Well done Rose!
    When I learned to "play" chess, I learned which way the pieces can move and that was it.
    I knew nothing about strategies and "games"
    How many games are there? Far too many. All I know is to move the pieces until I lose (*~*)

    1. She played four games today, won three of them, and only lost to the first place winner. :)


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