12 February 2015

Throwback Thursday!

Elf and Emperor, 2001
Because I miss that little Elf thumb. We saw a wonderful orthodontist who treated him like a tiny adult (he was six at the time) who explained to him that he could stop sucking his thumb any time he is ready, and these bandaids?  Will help remind him of all he can do.  Now his teeth are so wonderfully straight, and he never did need braces.  The irony is that Emperor sure did, despite quitting the habit well before his fourth birthday.  Kid is even rigged up with chains and rubber bands right now.  No kidding.  He won't let me blog it, though.  Teens.


  1. No thumb suckers in my family unless you count me.

    1. I'm thinking you stopped a few years ago at least, though. :)


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