26 March 2015

Brave Girls: Faithful Friends

"It's late, and the slumber party has quieted down.  Now the girls are in their sleeping bags on the floor, talking into the darkness to one another.

"'Hey, did you hear about Hannah?' a voice breaks into the quiet."

What should Kaitlyn do when the girls start to gossip about Hannah?

Brave Girls:  Faithful Friends by Jennifer Gerelds is a 90-day situational devotional for 8- to 13-year-old girls.  The paperback is 135 pages long and is on perhaps a third- or fourth-grade reading level.  I'd recommend it for a church lending library, as the basis of a small group Bible study for preteens, or as a stocking stuffer at Christmas.

I like the casual writing style in this book.  It begins with a Bible verse, a situation, some advice, and a one- or two-sentence prayer in the conclusion.

Rose is a first-grader and while she could easily read most of the devotional, she doesn't know the meaning of words such as imminent, armadillo, and Philistine.

One thing to keep in mind when selecting a devotional for children is the fact that smaller people are still learning all the "rules," whereas you and I usually already doggone well know when we're leaving people out, being dishonest or changing the way we act around different friends.  I think the book is perfect for preteens who are just starting to learn some of the more complicated rules and would like some guidance. 

I know girls in this age group want to start to take control of what they wear, where they go, and who they hang out with.  I think the advice offered in the book is pretty generic and balanced.  For example, when planning a party, hosts should "listen to what your guests want to do, not just what you want to do," and "help those who seem shy or afraid to join the fun," as well as to remember to "talk to everyone at some point."

It's not a short book, but it's an easy read, and it gives some good advice.

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  1. Probably not a book I'd consider buying. I don't have any family members in the right age group.

    1. It's a cute book, but it's DEFINITELY not all ages or for boys. It's very tweeny but I'm surprised by how much of it my seven-year-old girl has already read. She's done some of the prayer activities and is beginning to write some lists according to the instruction. She says it's just like homeschool. :)

  2. I guess it all helps, but my daughter is now in her 30's but when she started reading she never asked my advice but gave me advice on what to read nothing changed she still does.

  3. Ahhh, right now as I'm reading this Rose is upstairs crying because she lost her weekly prize. She's behaved badly and embarrassed me in front of guests for the umpteenth time this week. Limits. :/


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