16 March 2015

Family Planning

Rose and Woodjie were playing Pokemon cards.  "It would be nice if we had another sister," Rose reasoned.  "Then, I won't be the only girl."

"I think we need another brother and another sister," Woodjie told her.

"But... we already have too many brothers, I mean lots of them!" Rose wailed.

Woodjie started whimpering.  "Then I'm not ever ever going to be your best friend in the whole world, not ever, Rose!  You won't even be my friend for one hundred days!"

"Oh, okayyyy," Rose rolled her eyes. "But they live in your room and not mine."


  1. Imagine how many kids you would have if it was up to them.

    1. We'd have to buy a bigger house, and that's for sure!

  2. Smart Rose, keep all those brothers in one room.
    I remember one of my kids planning her future family when she was five. She was going to have six boys and six girls and some babies too. thank goodness she changed her mind!

    1. At least 14 kids! It would be a lot of fun, but a LOT of work. I'm a little old at 45 to keep crankin' em' out. :)


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