07 May 2015

First Form Latin by Memoria Press

Emperor is using First Form Latin by Memoria Press.  We've used the Memoria Press line of Latin materials for about three years now.  Emperor is almost halfway through with this high school level course, and the curriculum, along with some basic study on Roman culture and religion, helped him to score well on the National Latin Exam

It's definitely thorough, and at times you'll want to just pull your hair out.  Sentence diagramming is "fun" enough in English, thankyouverymuch, but this curriculum demands you play that little game in Latin as well.  There's no way your child can emerge from this program without a clear understanding of all the parts of speech and the mechanics of sentence-writing in both languages.

First Form Latin is available in a complete set, which includes a DVD lesson set, flash cards, teachers' manual, answer key and workbook.  Heads up:  you'll find it for less on the Rainbow Resource or CBD website than from the publisher.  If possible, I'd strongly suggest a year the Latina Christiana or some other introductory course before delving into the First Form.


  1. I remember liking Latin in first year high school, but I only got to learn it for the first term. my grades average was too low, because I hated the French and didn't dot he homework or pass the tests, so I got sent to the B grade class where there was no Latin, but surprise, surprise, still French classes :(

    1. French and Latin share a lot of the same roots! What a strange way to separate classes.


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