17 May 2015

Iron Fish: The Lucky Way to Prevent Anemia.

BBC News also has a nice writeup about the efforts in Cambodia here.


  1. an Iron Fish! what a great idea and to find that it worked so well is great too. I wonder if I could get one somewhere. I'm taking an iron tablet daily, because I don't eat a lot of meat and am not about to eat bucketfuls of spinach like Popeye. I have a cast iron pot (or maybe it is cast aluminium) but it is a frypan, not suitable for cooking everything in.

  2. I've just lifted my pan out of the cupboard with ease, so it is definitely cast aluminium. My daughter has some cast iron ware and I need two hands to lift each piece.

  3. Isn't it a lovely idea? I'll bet it would cost us more than $5, but that's ok. It looks like a great endeavour to support.


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