23 May 2015

Just a Facebook Comment About the Duggars

What we've been told so far is disgusting. And I don't agree with the "just forgive" or "it's not a big deal" people out there. I think the most disgusting part, really, is the statute of limitations. There shouldn't be one. 

But I'm not sure what the parents should have done, however, and what help is out there for people with these sorts of problems. Or what help is out there for child molesters and so on. Everyone doesn't want them in their neighbourhood, but they live somewhere. What does work? I mean scientifically and nevermind the Duggars for a sec. 

I find the Duggars mildly entertaining and interesting, but people put far too much stock in what this or that Christian says or believes instead of looking to the Scriptures themselves. Happened in Paul's day and is certainly happening now, this Christian celebrity. Was Paul crucified for you?

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