06 June 2015

"Haunting" Chalkboard Drawings Uncovered in Oklahoma

Incredibly detailed pictures were uncovered during a school renovation in Oklahoma.  You've never seen anything like this.  Click the link for more...

Ok.  I wandered over expecting some sort of prehistoric bison or... Aztec-type accounting systems or some other oddity.  But no.  School officials are hoping to preserve for all time...

Cursive writing.  And a few crude sketches of Pilgrims.  I know, I know, it's kind of anti-clamatic. 

I wonder how much the school district is going to pay to preserve a few chalkboards from 1917, when they could take just a little bit of time away from test prep and teach children to write in cursive today.


  1. Preserve the chalkboards? Just photograph them (*~*)
    I suppose they could cover the writing somehow so it doesn't get destroyed, then hang them in a gallery somewhere. I agree that children should be taught writing, as we were, if not, the art may be lost in as little as two generations of keyboard typing.

    1. I think this is nuts. It's a chalkboard with writing. It isn't even an important document.

      This is the problem with living in a newer country without lotsa castles and old relics n stuff like European places. We think stuff that's over 50 years old is ancient or something.


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