09 June 2015

Woodjie Update!

Woodjie's test results have come in.  He has a "wandering atrial pacemaker." That means his heartbeat originates from the sinus node as it should most of the time, but other times from lower down in the heart.  There is no correction for it and apparently it's not dangerous.  We'll see a cardiologist and have another EKG and holter study in 2 more years. Normal expected life/ lifespan/ all that.  So some great news! 


  1. Awesome news! Steve went through numerous tests after he had fainting spells and tachycaridia (Sp?), they thought it was his sinus node too, but it wasn't. It was POTS... postural something or other! It has corrected itself thank goodness. I hope Woodjie continues to do well.

  2. Glad to hear it sounds that he will be ok! Prayers for continued good health!


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