30 September 2015

A Little Newsy Post

Do you remember how I used to have a post up about Elf almost every week?  He'd ham it up for the camera, and I could tell you all sorts of cute things about him and his day.  Drat!  He doesn't really like to be blogged about much any more.

Recently, he became a father at the tender age of 15.  And it's all because of public school.  See, he's taking a Child Development class in the high school.  This is the plastic baby he brought home for a weekend.  He named her Gregory.  Because it's a good name.  There's a reason children have two parents and often, it prevents little girls from winding up with names like Gregory.

Anyway.  The "baby" cries and has a sensor of some kind.  You have to feed it, change it, and rock it and burp it at seemingly random and inconvenient times.  It's a technological leap from the hard-boiled egg I carried about when I attended high school.

 In other news, lately I have been having some bad luck with Amazon.  Take a look at the cute Baffin slippers I ordered for Woodjie.  Within three days of wear, they were totally shredded.  And my finish dishwasher cleaner.  I can't say enough good things about that product... when it arrives in one piece.  This time, unfortunately, one of the bottles busted in the mail and damaged everything else in the box.  I couldn't return something drippy (the box was ruint!). 

Good luck finding a human in Amazon customer service but I did succeed eventually.  I've gotten a refund on the slippers and my new cleaner shipped out nicely.  Hopefully that's the end of that because I love Amazon. 

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