19 October 2015

Don't Eat That.

Whenever I would ask about my doctors and other specialists about my high "normal" fasting blood sugar, I'd get a pat on the head and an, "it's normal, buh-bye!" sort of response.  My new endocrinologist does not play that.  I've now been diagnosed with "insulin resistance" and been prescribed metformin and a low-carb diet.

Which, those are nasty, fish-smelling horse pills, but I'm doing this.

I'm juuuust a smidge in the "normal" range but very close to being diagnosed as a prediabetic.  Of course further up the scale is the diabetic.  You know, where you get to prick your finger and squeeze blood everywhere 88 times a day, give yourself shots like a crazy junkie, and have to listen to ads by Wilford Brimley.  Not where I want to wind up.

Previously, I gained insane amounts of weight on a diet.  Apparently having hypothyroidism and insulin resistance will do that to you.  Now?  I have finally, finally lost 10 pounds.  Looking forward to losing the next 40 so I can be in the normal range.  Honestly, I don't know if that will ever happen.  When I was younger and walked six miles and ate 1500 calories a day, I was still one pound in the overweight category.  Doctors told me not to worry about it.  But they still logged me down as overweight.  Rules or something.

I hate those BMI charts!  I am still obese.  Another seven pounds?  And I will just be "overweight."  Like the rest of America! 

SO sometime later, I'll post on eating a low-carb diet.  It is not the crazy Atkins thing you're thinking where people go into total renal failure and die or anything like that.  It's still pretty hard, though.  You can't just save up all your calories and snarf a pizza at the end of the day.  Bummer, it just doesn't work that way.


  1. What's wrong with those doctors? High sugar when fasting is just not right.
    I should watch my carbs a bit more too. I'm not diabetic or even pre, but my mum was diabetic, so I should be careful. Trouble is, I like my pasta too much. I have cut down the amount a bit, but not enough I suspect.
    Looking forward to your views on a low-carb diet.

  2. I went low carb...I am pre-diabetic and my father and all his brothers had it. I've lost 10-15 pounds, but am stuck. I will look forward to this...

  3. Glad you found a good doctor who can help you. All the best in your health and weight loss goals!

  4. Strange video, My doctor was worried that my blood sugar was to high and would tip me over the edge but it didn't so now I just continue eating a bit of everything but not to much, it works most of the time.

    1. Glad you are ok! Yeah, it's a rap video based on ads for diabetes drugs by Wilford Brimley.


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