30 October 2015

Irish Twins!

Modelling their new jammies from Hanna Andersson.  I love their stuff but my goodness are they expensive when you consider they actually charge tax and shipping (hey, I'm spoilt!).  They also use some weird metric system for sizing so you almost have to have some of their clothing to make a good guess as to what size to order next time.  Rose is this bitty little thing, but she is wearing size 140 and it barely fits.  According to their size chart, Woodjie is wearing something that would fit a 13-year-old.  He's eight. 


  1. Exchange rates and shipping are why I rarely buy from Amazon or ThinkGeek these days. It's just too expensive. A CD I bought recently was listed at Amazon for 8.99, but the real cost to me was just over $24. I might as well have bought it here in Australia where most CDs are already that high price.

    1. It's absolutely crazy. I ordered a pair of sheepskin boots from Aus before they became popular here and wound up spending about $200! I mean, they're nice boots but really, now...

  2. The good quality Australian made boots are about that price here too.


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