26 October 2015

Jesse James Farm!

Today we went to the Jesse James Farm and Museum in Kearney, Missouri.  This is Jesse James' boyhood home.  The museum features all sorts of James family items from the time period.  They also show a 20-minute movie about his life as part of the tour.  Guides bring small groups through the house itself, although we were unable to take pictures in the house or in the museum.

A view from the side of the house, with a cutaway showing some of the original construction.

A reconstruction of a nearby slave cabin on the farm.  There is no way to survive a hard winter in this structure; they would have had to have been in the house on the worst days.  The tour guide did say that both small family and slave children would sleep together in the loft in the upstairs part of the main house.

D being a goof and pretending to be "caught" in the reconstructed outhouse.

A large tree outside the farmhouse.  We thought it was interesting, so we took a picture of it.


  1. Looks like a place I would enjoy visiting! That tree is pretty neat all right!

  2. Nice to see the cutaway showing the original construction.


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