21 October 2015

Only Selfish People Would Skip Church.

Because obviously, there can't be another reason.

Articles like this are rathermuch like a thin person writing, "Fat people are just selfish and eat too much!" Well, maybe a good number are and do. But maybe it's a little more complex than that for a large minority of obese folks. People would do well to know more about someone before making a pronouncement like that. 

 I think I'd rather be called selfish than hang out with a blowhard like the writer. That saves me two hours every Sunday and Wednesday I could be doing other things.  I'm thinking cleaning the mould out of the crevices of my shower brings more glory to God, thanks.  :)


  1. I would be considered selfish then, but I've heard that God is everywhere, so I can talk to him anywhere, anytime. Don't need a two hour church attendance for that.

    1. That's two hours, twice weekly, and probably an obligatory "prayer meeting" every now and then. OH! And volunteer at Vacation Bible School and give up 10 percent of your income. :)

      I do "get" that there are quite a number of selfish people out there who are just too lazy to do anything for anyone, but for us? It was very difficult to get out with several smaller autistic children. Oddly, I was looking at getting back into church this week, had two different churches lined up to call about first (you don't just show up w/ autistic kids if you know what's good for your kids and the workers, yk?) and this post put me right off.

      I don't want to go back to church after all.

  2. General note: usually I'm happy to chat with people who disagree with me, but trolls who show up nearly a month after I post something on the blog are just going to get deleted. Particularly if they leave no trackback to their blog or have a new profile.


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