11 October 2015

Outdoor Time!

My three youngest with a woolly caterpillar they found.
This is the time of year we take plenty of field trips and spend time out of doors.  Pretty soon, it will be too cold to do so comfortably.

The children have hunted up little bugs and worms in the yard and they're patiently waiting for the leaves to turn.  (It hasn't happened yet!)

We're also making liberal use of the Nerf guns I got for super-cheap on one of those Amazon flash sales.  Loaded up on foam bullets as well.  I keep them all in a large plastic Cheez-Ball container by the front door near the bubbles.  This way when it's time to play, we can grab stuff and go! 


  1. Time out side is alway time well spent.

  2. Looks and sounds like they're having a lot of fun! Love the smiles!

  3. Would your children like a few more of those caterpillars? Say a couple of million? We call them woolly bears and they can strip a garden of any new growth overnight, then come back the next night and finish off the rest!
    Autumn is perfect for getting out into nature.

    1. We hadn't seen these "woolly bears" for a couple of years. This is the only one the kids could come up with. They'd love a couple of million of these things, though I think I'll be content with their being a rare and happy sight.

      I love the name, though! Woolly bears. :)

  4. Our kids love nerf guns... and heck that caterpillar is HUGE.


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