28 November 2015

McGuffey's Third Eclectic Reader

Rose embellished her reader and workbook with stickers.
Did you know that Reading is a required subject in the state of Missouri?  Rose uses the McGuffey Third Eclectic Reader.  McGuffey Readers are generically Christian and often teach little moral lessons in the text.  They used to be used in public schools and are still popular amongst homeschoolers.

We have Landmark's Freedom Baptist Literature curriculum to go with it.  It's relatively inexpensive and comes with two workbooks (first and second semester, if you will), an answer key, tests, and a cheap copy of the reader.  We find ourselves using our own hardback version instead.

You can find McGuffey readers for free on Amazon Prime and they are also available for viewing on several websites.  I wouldn't let the cheap book they include with the course dissuade me from buying from them again.  The curriculum itself is solid and Rose is learning many new vocabulary words. 

Rose looks up words in the provided glossary and has learnt quite a bit.

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