03 November 2015

The Best Hair Book Ever!

The editors of Faithgirlz and Girls' Life teamed up to produce this glitzy, glamourous book of how-to hair care and styling for teens.  It's basically a magazine in small book form without the sexy cleavage-y ads and perfume samples, with a target audience of perhaps ten and up.

It does get into how to find the best haircut for your face shape, some basic "how to braid" and select the correct hairbands for your hair texture type, but most of the book is about how to style longer hair and pop accessories in.  Rose has very short hair, and it's very, very thin.  Even with longer hair, none of these styles would work without so much hairspray that I'd have to be concerned about stray sparks from candles 20 feet away. 

I certainly don't think it's worth the $14.99 list price unless your daughter looks like the girl from Brave and has no idea what to do with all that fluffy hair. 

Side note:  I appreciate that the social life of the girls depicted in the book revolve around wholesome pursuits like sports, church-going and get-togethers at home, but not appreciated is the thought that girls must have "a glam elastic hairband, a hair tie and hairspray" on them at all times in case their hair gets mussed.  "Crisis averted!"  Um, no.  It's not a "crisis" when your hair's a mess.  Let's teach our girls to be beautiful people inside and out without prescribing that they cart about glam- anything.

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  1. I've seen similar books at newsagents and had a quick look through them. I must be more dumb that I thought, there's no way I could follow some of those instructions. I think most of the styles require two people who then do each other's hair.
    When I was very young, the only thing I learned about hair was keep it clean and combed.

  2. That's really all anyone needs to know! If we can do that, the rest is just bonus. :)

  3. That would be a job to carry hairspray around everywhere! I'm doing well if I remember to carry a comb in my purse!

    I've basically been wearing the same hairstyle (or rather 3 hairstyles based off 1) for the past 5 years...and it usually only takes me up to 5 minutes to fix my quite-a-bit-past-waist-length hair. I guess I'm pretty blessed to have such manageable hair!

    Thanks for reviewing this book!


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