11 November 2015

Want Some Bean Dip?

Unrelated baby Rose picture.
Have you ever played the "bean dip" game?  Let's say that your uncle is making underhanded comments about not finding anything in your messy house.  You'd ask him, "Would you like some bean dip?" as though he said nothing.  If he continued on that discussion, you'd just make a comment about how wonderful the bean dip is today, wouldn't he like some?

In this way, you are:

1.  Calling him out on his rudeness indirectly
2.  Changing the subject and giving him an "out"
3.  Making it clear that you are not engaging on the subject.

Of course, the "bean dip" game can be applied to any party food or random object/ activity nearby.

I've never done it.  I'm more the type that will lock horns with someone like that and/or burn bridges forever over some very small slight.  I know it.  Perhaps that loses me the ability to have a large circle of friends but it also ensures I don't have to deal with passive-aggressive people and that sort of thing. It seems to me that long-term, bean-dippers are enabling the behaviour by not making the person apologize directly, taking responsibility for "directing" the behaviour of others and/or situations and ultimately setting themselves up for another "bean dip" party. 

People like that have more friends, though.  I see so often on social media that everyone else who is a Christian is modest and kind in all situations.  I mean... look at this article about shutting down homeschool "quizmasters."  Instead of telling Uncle Joe to go nick off, this family is going through a long and convoluted quiz prep before the party.  I just don't have the energy to play that.  Sorry.  I just don't.  If I did?  I think I'd spend it somewhere else anyway.  Just being honest here.


  1. You should always tell the Uncle that the bean-dip is in a large white bowl in the bathroom... 😀

  2. Never had a messy house, so can't relate to that, but I did have my mum saying she couldn't find anything because I kept stuff in places where she thought they shouldn't be. Well, too bad, I told her. It makes perfect sense to me to keep the mugs, coffee and sugar all in the small cupboard right above where the electric kettle is. SHE thought the mugs should be in the other cupboard with the rest of the crockery. Pfft!

  3. I try to be tactful... hell I am tactful! All my daughters are DREADFUL housekeepers, and I say NOTHING. Why? Cos it's not worth the fall out.
    But if someone were to come into my home and be critical of ANYTHING... God help them! I wouldn't be offering no 'bean dip'!


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