28 January 2016

Parents Blame Lack of School for Messy House

I swear I can't make stuff like this up.  Parents are whining that school being called off due to "Snowzilla" somehow resulted in kids making huge messes that they didn't clean.  Pictures are included with the article.

Sheesh.  Kids make messes.  Houses are messy when there are more than four people and their snow gear about.  Mittens, hats and scarves need to be out constantly, drying.  That's just life with snow. 

But calling doing a bit of house tidying after the kids you failed to inspire to help a "Herculean" task?  Oh, please.


  1. That looks like more than four people's worth of clothing and why isn't it hung up somewhere to dry off? surely they don't put on a fresh batch of clothing every time they want to go outside? and why go outside more than once anyway?
    I may be a little nutso saying this, but I would have one of those indoor clotheslines strung across the laundry or bathroom so those things can be hung until dry enough to go in the dryer.
    Maybe I shouldn't comment because where I am I never get snow.

    1. No, that sort of thing makes sense when you have a lot of snow. Your house IS going to be full of boots and all that. You're right. I thought it had to be full of friends' coats or I don't know what as well.

      It's either a joke or some really ditzy parent who hasn't figured out that life with kids is messy and/or how to delegate a little.


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