17 February 2016

Donald Trump's 2016 High School Elective Homeschooling Courses Now Available Online!

Debate 101  

Learn to win arguments by calling entire racial groups "rapists" and implying that your opponents have various mental health diagnoses.  Mock the disabled and the poor but still find you have a following because you speak your mind and nobody "owns" you. 

Debate 102 

This course covers three fail-safe techniques for handling a losing argument:

*  People are too stupid to see I'm right (the "Iowans are losers" method)
*  I think the opponent is not a real American/ is a secret Muslim diversion
*  Threaten to sue

 You could buy this "Make America Great Again" gear directly from Amazon.  Also available?  The "Life's a Bitch, Don't Vote for One" bumper sticker for all y'all highbrows out there.


Business and Accounting 101

Learn to hire the right people who will structure your businesses so they may fail colossally, but you never will.  Not to be confused with Ethics 101 (not offered at this time, sorry).

Public Relations and Marketing

Here's what's working this election cycle:  a lot of angry red-faced yelling about how you will rid the world of ISIS and keep all illegal immigrants out of a nation with over 12,000 km of land on its borders because you're gonna build a wall.  It's a really big wall.

Well.  Can you tell I'm getting a LOT of hits looking for "Donald Trump homeschool" lately?  Have to give the readers what they want, right?


  1. I asked Emperor what he figured Donald Trump would teach as a homeschool course and he said, "Spanish?"

    ha ha ha!

    I wish that kid would blog some. :)

  2. It is unlike anything we have seen in our lifetime. Each political party has gotten what they have earned from years of manipulating their members emotions. It's kinda scary...

    Yeah, I'd like to see the day the D even speaks Spanish. Ole!


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