06 February 2016

"Have I Died?"

Apparently cab drivers in Japan keep picking up passengers who later figure out they're dead and disappear.  Ever see the Sixth Sense movie?  They want to go to the area of the tsunami, get confused in the middle of the ride, ask weird questions and then vanish.

The only reason we know this is because a sociology student asked 100 cab drivers about whether anything strange happened after the tsunami and this theme kept recurring. 


  1. After reading this post, I read a few articles on the topic--very strange.

  2. A true disappearing? or just jumping out of the cab and running off without paying?

  3. I'm thinking one of two things are happening.

    1. Cab drivers get an occasional fare in cash, pocket the money, and use the "ghost" story.

    2. They are freaked out and have imagined something, or something truly weird is up.

    What I found odd was that more than one cabbie is saying this and presumably they didn't have time to compare stories before speaking w/ the sociology student.


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