20 February 2016

Learning From Our Mistakes

A little bit of the aftermath.
Elf is 15 now, so when he wanted to make a "Lemon Something or Another" recipe?  I gave him the ingredients and left the kitchen.  I smelled something burning and together we figured out what happened.

The recipe called for a baking pan but Elf used a cookie sheet.  When he was shown what a baking pan really was, he said, "Oh!  That makes a lot more sense.  I'll do that next time!"


And... what's all this foil at the bottom of the cookie sheet?

The recipe called for "non-stick cooking spray," but Elf figured that a bit of butter on some foil was pretty much the same thing.  No?  "I'm learning so much here!"

How can anyone be mad at someone with such a teachable heart?


  1. Oh dear and they do make a mess, my daughter is a great cook but a messy one where I'm not so good but clean as I go.

  2. This brings back a few memories. When my kids wanted to try making something, I discovered they'd watched me pretty closely and mimicked everything I did, except the washing up part!


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