25 March 2016

Political Facts.

During dinner, I made the mistake of asking my children what they thought of certain political candidates.  They seemed to know only about one Republican presidential candidate in particular.

"Donald Trump got on the TV and told everybody that he has a big butt!" Rose burst out giggling.  "An' he has LOTS o'money and built a Greaaat Waaall!"  Here, of course, she had to gesticulate with her dribbly bagel to show me just how big the wall really is.

"And he is rude to everybody," Woodjie interjected angrily.  "Know where he was born?  It was behind the wall in Mexico.  Because that's part of our territory."

Yep, the kid is ahead of his time.  They watch too much news or not enough, depending on your perspective...


  1. So they believe the wall is already built?
    Did you remind them there are other candidates?
    Politics was never ever discussed in my home, I grew up woefully, or blissfully, ignorant on such topics.

    1. Apparently they think the Great Wall is on the US/ Mexico border... hmm...

      Growing up it was impossible not to discuss politics at least on a superficial level. Everywhere I went in Aus. I was "the American" and was told what "your president Reagan" just did. :)

  2. It's interesting to hear what your children make of the news.

  3. I am impressed Wodjie take so much in and narrates it so well. Mal would not understand that

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