16 April 2016

Somebody Talk Me Down if I've Gone Crazy.

I have to approve youtube videos before they're uploaded by the teen boys.  And the latest one showed every messy hoarded corner in the house.  I told them that in future, you can't do that.

"But... every corner is messy in the house," objected a certain kid.

Seriously.  Thanks.

Well, I showed him two locations from which he could film and that wasn't good enough.  I told him he could also film outside.  And know what he told me?  Do you?  He said I was just like Adolf Hitler.

I don't know what it is about Adolf Hitler that everyone has to be compared to him, but I'm thinking it's a bit of a stretch in this case.  I got pretty offended.  I mean, are you going to tell me that killing over six million Jews, starting an entire world war and causing untold suffering is even comparable to my saying not to film the messy bits in my house!??

"It's just a matter of scale," the kid explained.



  1. Messy corners are often the most interesting, but I wouldn't want mine out in the internet either.


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