11 May 2016

Give Me A Better Gift.

Nice that you came to my wedding but your gift of about $144 USD is not enough.  Since you're rich and stuff?  I'm expecting more.  Pay up.  Oh... we'll totally appreciate it when you do.

What would you do if you got that email?  Puzzledandpissedoff asked online and has well over 1,000 responses.  Most of them don't involve sending a larger check, although one smartie said to send a check for a penny. 

My fave response is that she ought email back, "I am so sorry for the oversight. Please do let me know how much you deem reasonable to gift and I will ensure I get this issue sorted urgently."

Because I want to know the answer to that one.  Just for fun. 

I would, of course, promptly "sort" the issue by having a good laugh.


  1. Any gift of any amount should simply be appreciated and a thank you note sent.
    Who cares if the giver is rich enough to afford more? She sounds greedy.


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