31 May 2016


Rose with her Barbie collection.

Rose just painted part of her doll bed with outdoor patio paint.  This is a hideous old 1980s bed with five different colours I got for $1 at a garage sale ages ago.  Rose wanted to keep the pink and green bits for now.  I still need to sew a canopy cover for the top.

Woodjie's artwork from class at the community center in the city.


The original picture is about eight feet long.  Because.


  1. So many Barbies! I had one :) I love the art works.

  2. Wow Rose has a lot of Barbies! Brylee had a lot too at that age. Now ... where are they? No idea!

  3. Wow! She does have quite the collection...and it looks like she takes good care of her dolls too! I loved playing with mine when I was her age. Enjoyed the artwork.


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