19 May 2016

"The girl was homeschooled..."

Really? Do you think these two fellas filed the requisite paperwork with the state of Ohio and spent actual time teaching this kid? Because I'm seeing a kidnapping and abuse story here, not a story about "homeschooling."



  1. I wish the truth would get out there,about homeschool.

    I didn't have to homeschool. I could have let an intelligent kid fail out of the cookie cutter place made for him.(Yeah...he deserved to fail, I guess, like 25% of other kids not taught at school.)

    Homeschool is an option for abusers. That's true. So we should paint with such a wide brush? Kids are abused, bullied at school by peers and teachers. Should we see that as an indicator of it's unworthiness, also? Seems like once a week you hear or see about a special needs kid being abused by a teacher. They just now are starting to lose their jobs...it used to be brushed over.

    1. Yes! I think the abuse in school is still swept under the rug. Part of the reason for this is parent shame, especially when the child in question DID behave badly. But most of it is schools being schools.

      Can you tell I don't trust schools?

      I also agree that abusers can use this idea of "homeschooling" to keep children out of the public eye and torture them. But to my mind, unless they were following the state law and actually educating the child, there's no reason to conflate the two issues.

      And I highly, highly doubt these fellas were homeschooling that kid.

      I would be more interested to know if there were CPS calls about this child in the past and neighbours and such asking after her. That would tell us a lot more about how to prevent this in the future, because you can bet abusers like these are not registering the homeschool as required in Ohio.

      Simply put, more strict homeschooling laws in this case would not have saved this child from torture. But better CPS training or investigation MIGHT have- we don't know enough about the story to tell.


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