11 July 2016


So the children are learning how to get the corn ready for the pot.  They had a glorious time for about half an hour playing with all the husks and string-y bits.  Then when the corn was all finished, they refused to eat it.  Oh, well.


  1. Ha ha ha ... did they at least smoke the corn silk?

    1. Nope, sorry! I thought you had to dry that first anyway. :)

      I did tell them that there were crafts people do with the husks, so they worked on that. Sort of.

  2. I remember my kids husking corn when they were younger, then slathering butter on the cooked cobs and chowing down.
    They used to play boats with the husks, with toothpicks and squares of paper for sails, out in the wading pool. The boats would float around randomly, then the kids would drop really large pebbles in to create stormy conditions and see which boat survived the longest.


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