04 August 2016

My Geography Lesson

The littler kids had to do some writing about what they'd like to study this year. Woodjie would like to learn about Texas. "All the macho people come from Texas," he wrote. "They have maracas."


  1. Macho people with Maracas, that made me smile.
    There's a lot more to Texas, as Woodjie will soon find out.

    1. Yep! It's warmer and you can bring your guns and your booze into some local restaurants. :)

  2. Love their smiles, and it's so awesome that you let them choose some of what they will study next school year! I *loved* that my parents let me choose most of my courses going through high school!

  3. That Is a good one Christine from Woodjie. Maybe marcas equated with manliness who knows


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