25 October 2016

One of the Many (Many!) Reasons I Homeschool

I'm all for a "fun" day here and there but she's right - these entire weeks of having to dress certain ways on certain days are getting ridiculous.  I sure don't miss some of the silly "fun" things one has to do as a public school parent.  Or rather that one is often pressured to do.  Moms and dads just have enough to do making sure homework is done and the kid shows up on time tomorrow, ok?

I do wish schools would self-limit to one "silly" dress-up day per month.  Because it would be a shame to see it all go.  But a whole week of something different to wear (often necessitating a purchase) is a bit much.  And then too, I remember when my children were in elementary school that there were SEVERAL weeks like this as well as "bring in spare gloves on Monday, extra change on Tuesday" and so on little fundraisers.


  1. Wellll, I can't seem to get her whole face loaded but it's the thought that counts!

  2. I'm so glad my children are way past school age. Although thinking back, there weren't a lot of fundraisers back then. There were cake and gift stalls for kids to buy 'stuff' for Mothers Day, the yearly school fete and an occasional sausage sizzle day usually combined with a sports event, profits from sausage sandwich sales and soft drinks all going to the social club or some other school fund.
    They had a dress up day each year for Book Week and a parade around the assembly yard, also an Easter Parade and I think that was about all they had.

    1. FETES! I love fetes! OH I loved those. They do not have them here. I think it is an Aussie thing. Here, you get hit up to buy frozen cookie dough, gift wrap or assorted crappy plastic "home decor" items from various catalogues. Sigh.


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