28 November 2016

Sweet Sugar-N-P'napple Ham

Ready to cook!

I used a standard plastic bag of brown sugar from the grocery, a standard can of pineapple slices and about 3/4 cup of honey.  Half the sugar goes in first, then the ham in pieces.  Next I put the honey over the top and pineapple round the sides and a bit on top.  Last?  Covered with the rest of the sugar and cooked on low for about four hours.  I had four and a half pounds of ham, so perhaps your time might vary a bit.  It's really quite good.
After four hours.  Delightful!


  1. Looks like an easy recipe! Slow cookers are the best! Thanks for sharing, Christine.

  2. With all that sugar it's almost a dessert :) what do you serve with it? Green salad?

    1. Usually kids get to pick something to eat with their main food - some chose to eat these as sandwiches!


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