07 December 2016

Life at My House Right Now

It's very noisy and very messy.  Everything is off the walls.  All the dishes are out of the cabinets.  Everything is away from the windows while they are being replaced on the upper level of the house.  In short, pretty much a bunch of stuff is in a pile in the middle of each room. 

Nobody come over to visit for a while.

In this photo, you can see our new windows on the upper floor.  Eventually these windows will be "wrapped," which means they won't look so shoddy around the edges as they do now.  We'll also get some Hardie siding and then I'll do a proper post with before, during and after. 

Meanwhile it's pretty noisy and cold when they remove windows during snowstorms.  Apparently these people work year-round though!


  1. Replacing windows during snowstorms? You Americans are funny people. Why not wait until summer?

    1. I actually looked into this during the summer, but there you go... you get on their schedule when they have an opening.

      The crew showed up for work today and after about half an hour I got the idea that it was too windy and cold for them to continue. They speak Spanish and very little English and I speak very little Spanish, so at least I think that is what happened. :)

  2. Well, you have a beautiful home!

    1. Thanks, Virginia! Good luck with your addition - keep us posted!


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