22 January 2017

Going Through My Filing Cabinet.

Oh dear.  What a mess.  So far I've shredded about 10 years' worth of electric bills and several credit card statements from 2006.  I have saved ev-er-y-thing since moving to the Kansas City area in... 1997.  It's ridiculous. 

I'm in the process of paring down and I've gotten three bags full (yes, sir... yes, sir... three bags full) of shredded paper ready to go out for trash day in the morning.  And I estimate myself to be about halfway done.  When I'm finished, D says, there is the matter of "that box" in his closet.  Because yeah.  We had so many papers at one point we stashed them all in a giant box and just didn't look at them for the last 10 years.

I will be shredding until 2018, at which point (my luck) I'll get audited or something.  I think I'm saving enough of the important papers.  My dad was kind enough to send me this link on what to keep.  It's always good to know that if I lie on my tax returns or file fraudulently that I should keep my records indefinitely.  (Really??!  Who wrote that?  Because if you're filing fraudulently, wouldn't you want to keep... fraudulent records?  Like fake something? Ok, ok, shutting up.)

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  1. I like your new background. I remember shredding stuff a year after I moved in here, everything pertaining to the previous residence was shredded. I don't plan on moving again, not without a lotto win, but think I should shred everything that is over five years old. That's nothing right now, I've only been here five years, but in a couple of years I'll buy a new shredder.


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