20 February 2017

Stuff We've Been Doing Lately

Rose got a new paint-by-numbers set.  Thanks, Nana and Grandpa!

She has already made great progress on the picture.  It's visiting with Mr. Salt and Our Lady of Perpetual Pepper.

My new easel.  I bought it to hold all my dry-erase boards just because.  Not that I needed more stuff...

Woodjie decided he'd like to spend a little time with a book today.

Snap Circuits are really nifty things.  They are what you would call "educational toys," but I count the time they spend with these toward their science hours in homeschooling. 


  1. I remember paint by numbers, I used to go over mine twice because the numbers showed through on the paler colours.
    I love your easel.

    1. That's exactly what is happening here! I hope I can convince her to go over them again if she has enough paint.

  2. Looks like you know how to make school fun! Fun school is the best.

    1. Or Mom's lazy and is counting everyday fun stuff as "school." :)

  3. OMGOSH... I am drooling over your easel!


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