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My Downstairs Bathroom.

See how tiny?  I have to stand outside the room so that you can see it.  To the right is enough wall space so that the shower door opens out.  Next to that is a small louvered door, behind which is my furnace/ hot water heater.  That's it.  That's the size of my bathroom.  I think it likely is actually a converted utility room as it's just in such an odd spot in the house and there are no windows.  If the door to the bathroom were not open, you would see the stairs going down to this floor ending right there.  So there is no way to expand this bathroom unless I were to re-plumb everything or make some hugely expensive home makeover/ redo (unlikely).

Oh well.  Now that my shampoos and whatnot are moved back in, it will do until the next paint job.  It was about the colour of the tiles before (and perhaps a bit lighter) which really worked, but it showed every possible scuff. 

Rose painted the little chickadee picture you see on the wall.  It's a paint by number set her…

My Kitchen Counter

Well, I'm repainting the bathroom and it's a very SMALL bathroom (about the size of a closet), so all my shampoos and assorted things are up here in the kitchen.  My, is my shampoo all gunky with hard water and not as clean as I thought.  I need to just pitch the over-shower sprayer caddy also.  Yeew.  Maybe I need to just pitch everything.  Aaand we've left the barbecue sauce on the countertop.

Ever do 500 things around the house all in one day and by the end of the day everything in your home is a jumbled mess?  That's my day today.

Also?  In retrospect I am almost finished painting the bathroom a hideous colour.  It looked nice on the tin but now it's on the wall I'm thinking, why, why did you do that?  Dark brown isn't a bad colour but it's bringing out all the little nicks and defects on the walls and making the teeny room look even smaller.

I had thought that a dark colour would just withstand the usual bumps and scuffs better.  Oh well.  We'…

My 210 Pound Life

TV Food shows!  Why do I watch 'em?  I like to watch Gordon Ramsay creatively cuss his way toward helping folks run their restaurants well.  I also watch some crazy shows in which random foods are thrown on tables and people have to make gourmet meals out of things like candy canes, chicken and grapefruit.  And they have half an hour to make it presentable.

I'm not sure what the big appeal is because I'm absolutely convinced I have the exact same lifestyle, really.  How often have I looked into the cupboard and gone, ok, I have peanut butter, hamburger helper but no hamburger, five cans of green beans, a bag of flour, some Spanish rice and a loaf of bread?

Peanut butter sandwiches it is, then!

I'm also not kidding when I say the only difference between me and the 600-pound life folks is that my hypothyroidism is being treated and I haven't found an "enabler."

I mean it.  I'm not a martyr or trying to get attention or anything when I say that the peopl…

Bedtime Reading for Your Grade-Schooler

My ten-year-old Woodjie is really enjoying the Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible from Zondervan.  It's right at his reading level, which is hard-to-find in terms of Bibles and Bible stories.  Bibles themselves do have many harder words and concepts, and while they're not unreadable for my fourth-grader, they are a little difficult and usually not part of his casual reading.

This "story" book is more in line with what he wants to read during his free time.  It's a nice larger hardcover book with big print and colourful "cartoon" type pictures throughout.  It's a very short look at many of the Bible stories you'd expect in a compilation like this.  It's really perfect for reading at bedtime, and a non-threatening way to introduce children to Bible stories.

I'd recommend reading this to children as young as four or five, but it's more geared toward children ages six through ten or so.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this b…

It's Convention Season!

Aaand I'm not going.  I might spend some time re-organising what I have or at most ordering like, $100 worth of stuff online from my fave people.  Not going to the local  homeschooling convention and laying down $500 on stuff that I didn't know I needed.

I mean, I love going to the conventions and all, but it's a rather expensive proposition at best.  You spend $50 for a membership that includes admission to the conference and you wind up spending far more than you meant to.  Not that the stuff there isn't nifty... but I'm just not up to battling crowds and overspending this year.

It seems odd but this year I think I should focus more on cleaning out my closets or something.  I feel like I have a bunch of STUFF I hardly use and I don't want to go out and get more STUFF even if I will use it.  Because that would mean the stuff I already have won't get used. 

Ahhh well.  I know eventually I'll need to get some STUFF for Woodjie just because he learns a bi…


Sorry I've been away so long from the blog.  I've missed reading what my friends are up to, but I've been in sort of a "downer" place for a bit here.  I'm ok... but just having a hard time saying hello to people and getting up and out and being CHEERFUL.  And I don't want to blog a big pity-party or anything like that.

No, I'm really ok!  Just having a bit of a hard time in my (pretty normal) life.  I think everyone goes there sometimes.

One thing I have realised from binge-watching a million shows while I've been away is that 1. I will never be a super-hero; and 2. oh my goodness, do I have a lot in common with the stars of My 600 Pound Life.  Only thing is the degree to which these people act stupid and let the cameras in, ya know?

So how are you?  No, I'd better go visit y'all and find out for myself.  I have missed you.  :)

Washington Post on Homeschool "Monitoring."

Patrick has been accepted to college!  He'll be leaving this summer.  We're knee deep in FAFSA forms and all sorts of paperwork.  He has tests to take to determine placement in math classes and so on.  Over the next two months, he'll have to apply for individual classes and find a spot in one of the residence halls.  Yep, he's going away to school finally!
So I came across this article about adult children trying to leave home and I found it rather odd.  I just knew when I saw the homeschool "fortress" picture that this was gonna be a rilly rilly unbiased article (not). Some of these stories do sound like abuse. But it's hardly fair to expect or require Mom and Dad to cash out their 401K and sell the house to pay for Missy's college if they don't think girls should have an education past grade 12.
The larger problem here has to do with colleges requiring parental income and so on to fill out a FAFSA?
What can these students do if parents say NO to …

Snuffle Days on the Couch.

About a month ago, D got pretty sick.  Took almost a week off work.  He still isn't completely better!  Then Elf came down with it and had to go to the doctor to get the entire asthma regimen.  Poor guy was hopped up on albuterol and three other things and some antibiotics.

Now he's pretty well.  And Rose came down with stuff last week... off to the doctor, shots and antibiotics.

It's Woodjie who is most ill now.  This whole week has been mostly "sit on the couch and read a book" and not much academic has gotten done at all.  I don't know how we would have handled this were the children in school.  Woodjie doesn't have a fever but he's hacking something fierce and he's been sick for almost two weeks.  At first it started with the sniffles so I thought nothing of it for a while until it kept getting worse.  Doc gave him antibiotics also.

Patrick is snuffling, headache-y and feeling poorly.  And this morning I woke up with a little sniffle.  Oh no! …