26 March 2017

My 210 Pound Life

TV Food shows!  Why do I watch 'em?  I like to watch Gordon Ramsay creatively cuss his way toward helping folks run their restaurants well.  I also watch some crazy shows in which random foods are thrown on tables and people have to make gourmet meals out of things like candy canes, chicken and grapefruit.  And they have half an hour to make it presentable.

I'm not sure what the big appeal is because I'm absolutely convinced I have the exact same lifestyle, really.  How often have I looked into the cupboard and gone, ok, I have peanut butter, hamburger helper but no hamburger, five cans of green beans, a bag of flour, some Spanish rice and a loaf of bread?

Peanut butter sandwiches it is, then!

I'm also not kidding when I say the only difference between me and the 600-pound life folks is that my hypothyroidism is being treated and I haven't found an "enabler."

I mean it.  I'm not a martyr or trying to get attention or anything when I say that the people on the tv are exactly like me (and maybe you?) except things are just a bit more extreme.  Where I probably ate three too many slices of pizza the other day, some of the big TV folks may have had three more entire pizzas.  But then again, they're bigger people, ya know?  And you can't tell me at that weight that one pizza more or less is gonna make a huge difference.  And it's pretty depressing being that size.  If I suddenly got that big, I'd probably get a giant eating disorder just because I couldn't get out of bed or even travel unless I sat  unbelted in the back of a cargo van.

The only thing really weird about me which other people do NOT seem to do very often is, I can eat an entire stick of butter right out of the fridge just like that.  And as long as I only have that and my sugar-laced coffee, I'm pretty ok calorie-wise.  It's low in carbs, too, which means I can eat a handful of chocolate covered raisins with it, and on paper my fatsecret program says I did a great job on all my key target numbers for the day! 

Although I sort of doubt my doctor would think that a stick of butter as a meal is a grand idea, even if it is the super-organic kind I got spendy on.


  1. I'd be inclined to agree with your doctor that a stick of butter isn't a meal, with or without the chocolate covered raisins (yum). I like butter too, but not to eat on its own. I saw a TV show once, (you are what you eat or something similar)where that super scrawny Gillian somebody tried to help people curb their disastrous eating habits, and one of those people also ate butter straight from the fridge. She would slice it and eat it like cheese.
    I often wonder about the hygiene of those 600 pound people, how on earth do they manage to wash or wipe when they can barely turn over in bed?

    1. When Rose was a baby, she had those roll-y little flaps of skin and once she got some sort of cheese-y infection under her neck. MY did it smell bad. We got medicated cream to put on it and we aired it the best we could (babies drool and are not neat eaters) but we couldn't air it well as she was so chubby. Often we'd end up positioning her oddly and blowing on her neck or popping a small washcloth up under her chin.

      So short answer: hygiene is prolly not so excellent, especially if one is not careful to check every fold every day.


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