10 May 2017

Lookit THIS Gem!

Well, you can't really see the whole house.  But they want $130,000 for it.

No, you can't go upstairs.  Ever.  Nevermind that the roof is leaking and God knows what damage is going on up there or who/ what is up on that top floor.  Someone has a lease of some kind but has never paid anything including a security deposit.  Somehow if you buy the house you assume responsibility for whatever that whole situation would be and no, you can't ask about it.

Aaand this property has been viewed over 1,350,000 times on Zillow.   Wonder why?


  1. It's a mess alright and I can't see anybody buying it with an upstairs tenant that you assume responsibility for.
    The price is a bargain for a house that size, here in Adelaide, that amount won't even get you a one bedroom apartment.

    1. From the looks of it when you zoom out on the map at the end, it's not THAT much cheaper than the other homes up for sale, though...

  2. I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot barge pole!

    1. Yeah, no number of quilts and blue pottery can gussy this one up. The way your house is now I'd never move... but then again I would've said that about your last place.


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