21 October 2017

Roller Dance Competition!

We just got back from a roller dancing competition in Union, Missouri!  That's near St. Louis.  We had a great time and met people from several states.  Do you like the kids' new outfits?  Many of the people competing from our roller rink got the same costume so we all matched.  The same person who did our outfits also did the same outfit in other colours for other rinks.  Well, it makes finding your people a little easier.

The children won several events, including the dance competition.  Frankly, there was a much more advanced pair of skaters in their division, but they weren't moving together so well and apparently that's a big big deal in dance pairs.  Our coach taught Woodjie and Rose a simple dance and he taught it over and over and over. 

It's good to be home, though.

Rose wearing makeup for the first time.  Apparently that's a thing to do at these events so we splurged.

D took this photo of Woodjie and I cropped it and used a filter. 


  1. Lovely photos and woo-hoo for the wins :)
    Make up is necessary so faces don't become just a pale blur under the lights and features can be seen in photos etc. If you're filming the event you want to be able to see the faces.

  2. Thanks so much, River! I think it did help a little with the photography, but Woodjie had to do without. Oddly, there were only two boys in the entire competition! Plenty of older men competing, though.

  3. Oh they are so precious and divine!

    i am glad that they are going to perform in event .
    heartiest best wishes for them !

  4. Great post! You have a nice blog!
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    1. Following. Wish I understood the language but it looks like good reviews. I'd love to see posts of your neighbourhood. :)


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