10 December 2017

Still Here!

Woodjie fixing dinner.

I've had some major surgery which I'll just describe as "about as extensive as your Thanksgiving turkey underwent this year and also very similar."  I'm home now and recovering rather nicely so far, but it's been a hard go of everything, really.  Perhaps preparing for a large and horrendously embarrassing surgery is the worst bit of it emotionally and physically.

Anyway.  One thing I did do (to my credit!) was to teach the littlest children to make grilled cheese before I went to hospital.  All I have to do now is pop the burner on and make sure there is some margarine, bread and cheese handy.  So Woodjie not only made us all dinner the other night, he let me know that I'm the best mommy EVER because I allowed him.  (Yay!)

Rose is also doing her own hair now.  Her part is not perfectly straight but it's a pretty decent job of two simple braids.  Now she will do her hair every morning all by herself.  I am well enough now that I did her hair this morning just because.

Rose can do her own hair.
I planned way ahead and ordered all kinds of homeschooling video lesson$, but wouldn't you know that the computer picked just that time to crash and/or not recognise the various players and websites etc etc?  So that hasn't worked well so far.  Oh well.


  1. Isn't it nice when children learn to be self-sufficient enough to manage so you can rest after surgery? If only husbands could do the same. Just because I could hobble to the kitchen didn't mean I wanted to.

  2. I was wondering where you've been and hoping all was well. Sorry to hear you had to have surgery. Give yourself plenty of time to heal, the kids will still be learning in the meantime. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

  3. Yay for smart and helpful kids. I need to start training mine I think. Hope you are beginning to feel better. Think of you often and pray all the time. ❤️


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