31 January 2018

My Revolutionary War Ancestors

These are my great-great-great-great-great-grandparents, Benjamin Shepard Burgess and Rebecca Chapin.  Their fathers, Lt. Joseph Burgess and Pvt. Levi Chapin, fought in the Revolutionary War.  No photos of them, though (sorry).

Right now I am trying to get my genealogy stuff together so I can join the Daughters of the American Revolution eventually.  It will probably take some time to figure out how to document everything to their satisfaction.

In this photo, I took information out about me (note #1), my parents (2), my grandparents (3) and my great-grandparents (4) so you're left looking at little notes about generations 5 through 9.  I find it very interesting to piece together bits of the family history through records and such.

There might be an easier way, though, as apparently on my dad's side of the tree, people live to be about 99.9999 years old, so we'd only have to jump back five generations total to find our patriot.  If his recorded baptism date is anywhere close to his birthdate, this poor baby was 12 years old when he fought in the war.  Twelve.  My husband said well, it's not like they got to sit around and play video games back then.  Times were tough.


  1. Probably the twelve year olds were the ones who marched in front of the troops carrying a flag or banging on a kettle drum and only picked up a musket if it was absolutely necessary.

    1. Yeah pretty dangerous work! Not sure what he did during the war exactly but it looks like the government granted him land after the fighting was over.

  2. wow i am AMAZED by these OLDEST photos of your great ,great ,great ,great grandparents!my friend !

    how lucky to find about our roots and how they developed .

    i agree those times were tough yet nice to survive within

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty amazed we have some photos that old as well. Just after the invention of photography, really. Had to cost them a fair bit to have their portraits done. :)


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